Invest in Your Happiness, Health and Wealth for Retirement and Beyond

Live Long & Prosper

Let's live the rest of our lives with health, happiness, and financial security! To do this, we’ll need to move beyond the outdated, 20th century view of retirement, and begin planning now for our rest-of-life.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Details about my book, Live Long & Prosper!, including a synopsis, press kit and a few excerpts.
  • Additional material that couldn't fit in the book. I was so excited about the subject that I wrote too much, so I have some 'director's cuts' on this web site.
  • Stories of people like you who have made important changes in their lives. I’m collecting these stories for my next book, so I welcome your stories as well.
  • How to contact me for a speaking engagement. I love to speak on these topics, so if you have a group who will resonate with the messages, please contact me.

Many baby boomers hope that retirement will finally bring happiness. But why wait so long, particularly if we don't have enough money to retire any time soon? Also, hope is not an effective strategy! Live Long & Prosper! gives us realistic strategies to enjoy life now, and take the necessary steps to prosper during our 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.



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