Additional Material - Director's Cuts

Live Long & Prosper

When I submitted the manuscript to Debbie Englander, my editor at John Wiley, her first reaction was ‘great book, but it's too long.' I got so enthusiastic about the subject that the manuscript would have produced a book of over 600 pages. So, we had to do some major surgery.

At first I was frustrated about deciding what to cut, until I was inspired by the ‘director's cuts' that are on the back of DVDs. So, here's some material that didn't make it in the book, but is available for those of you who want to drill down a little deeper on some subjects.

First, here is material that was cut from chapters in each of the first three sections of the book:

Here are life stories that I had to cut that will form the basis for the future companion book.

Section One: Perspectives for Rest-of-Life

Section Two: Healthy Interest

Section Three: Money Matters



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