What people have to say about Steve's presentations and workshops


The feedback from our employees has been outstanding. 
They are making changes in their lives and seeing their life in new ways,
that is resulting in a greater sense of life satisfaction. 

Sally Hass, Benefits Education Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company

Our employee evaluations indicate that your retirement planning workshop was a great success and extremely well received.  My boss not only enjoyed the workshop but gave you the highest rating in every category, and she rarely rates that high across the board.  As a result of the workshop, several employees have already adjusted their retirement plans.  Many expressed appreciation for integrating health and lifestyle with the financial aspects of retirement planning – a new concept to some.
Julie Wandell, Specialist, Benefits Administration, Portland General Electric

Steve Vernon is a people person who gives generously of his time, experience, and talent. His remarks should give anyone contemplating the future a different, upbeat slant on the rest-of-life. Steve inspires taking ownership of one's future, rather than surrendering to it. Definitely a
message for anyone on the cusp of retirement.

Marsha C. Tucker, Executive Director, The Houston Forum

Steve Vernon is clearly one of the nation's leading authorities on the subject of retirement. He has successfully published several books, an instructional DVD, and is a frequent speaker on this evolving subject. Steve has the ability, whether it is in his books or in his presentations, to comprehensively approach this life-altering topic with clarity, logic and laced with sound advice. He has had a remarkable career as a consultant, and sage advisor to a wide array of organizations and individuals. I know of no one more effective or knowlegeable, when it comes to this incredibly important subject matter. After all, virtually every one of us will wind up pondering how to approach this stage of our life. We are all most fortunate to have the expertise of Steve Vernon to lean on.

Gary Kaplan, Gary Kaplan & Associates

Our employees who attended Steve’s workshop felt this was a total picture on how to prepare for retirement.  One employee doubled her 403(b) contribution after the seminar.  Others said it was the best seminar they
had attended on the subject of preparing for retirement.

Patti Bennett, Manager, Employee Services/Benefits, Huntington Memorial Hospital

This is one of the best explanations that I've seen about making
your money last for life.  You are an excellent communicator.

Wally Bardenwerper, Attorney

I think that everyone should read your newsletters and stop reading the newspapers. That would bring about a wonderful change!

Phil Gray, Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers

What's different about Steve is that he understands people — not just plans and financial issues and numbers. He knows human nature and is empathetic to people. So when he talks to you, he really talks to you.
You get the message. It's his understanding that makes him such
a great communicator.

Glenn Bonci, Principal, The Adobe Group, and Programs Director, Northwest
Compensation Forum

I heard Steve Vernon speak at a dinner sponsored by Watson Wyatt. Steve's approach is particularly sensitive, honest, needed, and upbeat. He does not simply dwell on "growing money for a comfortable retirement," as most gurus tend to do. Instead he offers a realistic blueprint that links living a fulfilled and healthy life to planning sensibly for whatever the future may bring. I, for one, want to pursue retirement Steve's way!

Lois A. Vitt, Ph.D, Chair and Founding Director, Institute for Socio-Financial Studies, and Editor-in-Chief, Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finance

Steve was the luncheon speaker for our annual chapter conference of the Western Pension and Benefits Conference. His insights were very valuable because they focused equally on both work and life issues. Steve's presentation caused me to think carefully about personal values and career choices that face all of us. He speaks with conviction regarding topics that he has obviously deeply contemplated.

Jay Marran, Merrill Lynch. Financial planner and Chairman, Speakers Committee,
Western Pension and Benefits Conference

Sample feedback from audience evaluation forms

  • Great way to start the conference, it opened the mind...
  • Wonderful presentation, very appropriate, now I hope everyone else listens...
  • Very good! One of the very best.
  • Excellent speaker. Engaging and inspiring. I feel motivated to begin pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Would go to his session again!
  • Excellent info/thought provoking/clear speaking, very relevant personally.
  • A lot of terrific information presented in a way that's easy to understand.
  • Very practical, full of wisdom.
  • Awesome! Very informative!
  • Very good. He opened my eyes to good health as playing a part in my retirement planning.
  • Very clear and positive. Impressed with the way he connects the whole retirement picture. His comments are very timely.

When audiences are asked to use numeric ratings, Steve's presentations and workshops consistently receive the highest ratings.  Samples are available upon request.


Praise for Money for Life

Savvy guidance for some of the most crucial financial decisions you’ll ever face. Money for Life can help make sure your retirement nest egg lasts as long as you do.

 Jon Peterson, author of Social Security for Dummies

If you don't have a traditional pension and you don't want to outlive your assets, then put Money for Life on your "must read" list. Steve Vernon's book will help you learn how to convert the assets in your various retirement accounts into a paycheck, into money for life.

Robert Powell, Editor, MarketWatch’s Retirement Weekly

The decline of traditional pensions, and the reliance on IRAs and 401(k) accounts means that growing numbers of Americans will face a major challenge receiving enough income in retirement. Steve Vernon offers answers in this book, with sensible, specific advice on a range of ways to pay yourself in retirement.

Mark Miller, retirement columnist and author of
The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security.


Praise for Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years

The simple strategies in Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years convert a very scary subject - retirement planning - to a program that is both easy to understand and implement.  If you're worried and anxious about your retirement years, read and follow the methods outlined in this book, and
you'll have the peace of mind to focus on what's really important for the rest of your life.

Dr. Somnath Basu, Director California Institute of Finance California Lutheran University

Looking for a retirement guidebook that gives sound advice with no axe to grind or sales to close?  Look no further.  Steve Vernon's Recession-Proof Your Retirement gives you an expert's background and knowledge in plain, simple-to-read English.  Steve's positive, can-do approach is energizing.  And who can resist his exercises and "Top-10" lists?  This is a great starting point for anyone planning retirement, especially in these uncertain times.

Andy Landis, Benefits Education Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company,
and author of "Social Security: The Inside Story"

Most financial planning books focus on building wealth.  Recession-Proof Your Retirement focuses on the most important financial goal - building a reliable income stream for the rest of our lives, no matter what happens in the economy and no matter how long we live. Complement Steve's technique with the Age Banding method (www.agebander.com) to create a finely tuned plan. When we are assured of not outlasting our wealth, then we can truly become the elders of society, guiding our country to a new era. This is the calling of the senior citizens of all nations, and it becomes possible only when we are not concerned with our well-being or threats to its sustenance.  This is why Steve's approach is so critical for us to adopt –
it is a beacon to our bright future.

Dr. Somnath Basu, Director California Institute of Finance California Lutheran University


Praise for The Quest DVD

I highly recommend The Quest DVD and workbook as a cost-effective way for any employer who wants to present retirement and life planning assistance to their employees.

Sally Hass, Benefits Education Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company

I recommend The Quest DVD to any individual who is getting ready to retire in the next ten years,
and to organizations who have employees retiring within the next 10 years. 
It is a great benefit at a very reasonable cost.

Patti Bennett, Manager, Employee Services/Benefits, Huntington Memorial Hospital


Praise for the book Live Long & Prosper!

Read this fabulous book and take its sound and clear advice to heart. It will enlighten and enliven you while giving you the best advice available from a consummate professional in the field.

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

Steve Vernon offers a toolbox of wise and appropriate strategies for living and retiring in today's uncertain world. Follow Steve's integrated vision of where you should be heading as you plan your future--
you'll be glad you did!"

Lois A. Vitt, Ph.D, author of 10 Secrets to Successful Home Buying and Selling

...so the key to a happy old age is to start thinking and acting differently right now. Vernon wrote a terrific book about this, Live Long & Prosper!

Anne Fisher, Fortune Magazine

We read the latest personal-finance books so you don't have to. ...here are executive summaries of six money books that we found worthwhile.

Consumer Reports Money Advisor, talking about Live Long & Prosper!




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