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Are you worried about having enough money to last during your retirement years?  Anxious about the possibility of poor health and resulting ruinous bills for medical or long-term care expenses?  Wondering how you can enjoy your “golden years” and whether your life will have meaning and purpose?
       You're not alone. Thousands of people around the country are worried about how they're going to make it during retirement, especially given the current state of our economy. 
       There’s no use hiding the fact that we face significant challenges to our retirement years. Rather than being depressed about this, I’d rather move forward as best as we can, using strategies and techniques that are practical and realistic.  If this sounds good to you, I’ll show you how, using the latest research and solid financial analyses.     
       I’m Steve Vernon, and I worked as a consulting actuary for over 30 years, helping Fortune 500 employers and other large organizations design and manage their retirement programs.  Now I help people prepare for their retirement years, or rest-of-life as I like to call it.  I provide just information and education; I don’t sell investments, insurance, or any other product.  I can “tell it like it is” since I’m not paid to sell you specific products. 
       I don’t tell you how to retire in Panama, Mexico, or some other exotic location, get rich by investing in gold, real estate, collectibles, options, or commodities, retire at 50, or use sophisticated estate-planning strategies that help only the affluent.  
       Instead, I advocate using simple retirement planning strategies for your money, health, and lifestyle that should work through thick or thin, and are realistic and practical for most working Americans.  No more, no less.  No gimmicks or no complicated techniques.  
       I help you avoid the most common mistakes and answer the most important questions about your retirement years.  I’ll describe how to increase the odds of living a long, prosperous life and prepare you for a future that is certain to have more ups and downs. 
      With solid plans in place, you can focus on filling your rest-of-life with joy and meaning. Take charge of the rest of your life, and you’ll feel a lot better!  Let’s get started. 

Steve Vernon

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