Sample feedback from audience evaluation forms

  • Great way to start the conference, it opened the mind…
  • Wonderful presentation, very appropriate, now I hope everyone else listens…
  • Very good! One of the very best.
  • Excellent speaker. Engaging and inspiring. I feel motivated to begin pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Would go to his session again!
  • Excellent info/thought provoking/clear speaking, very relevant personally.
  • A lot of terrific information presented in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Very practical, full of wisdom.
  • Awesome! Very informative!
  • Very good. He opened my eyes to good health as playing a part in my retirement planning.
  • Very clear and positive. Impressed with the way he connects the whole retirement picture. His comments are very timely.

When audiences are asked to use numeric ratings, Steve’s presentations and workshops consistently receive the highest ratings.  Samples are available upon request.