Webinars are a cost-effective and safe way to provide essential information to your employees, particularly for employers that have multiple locations. As a convenience to our clients, we offer all our workshops and presentations as a virtual option.

The decisions that older workers face as they transition into retirement are complex, with high stakes. To best help this group understand the various issues, we typically deliver our webinars in two to five segments that each last about 60 minutes, including time for questions. Between each segment, we propose action steps and suggested reading from our books to further their understanding and education.

We typically package our webinars with bulk orders of our books, Retirement Game-Changers and/or Don’t Go Broke in Retirement. These books serve as a reference that complement the content of the webinar.

Our webinars will help your pre-retirees answer these critical questions:

  • Have I saved enough money to retire?
  • When should I start my Social Security benefits?
  • What’s the best way to build lifetime income that’s protected from financial crises?
  • How do I protect myself against high costs for medical and long-term care?
  • What lifestyle decisions will help improve my finances, health, and longevity in retirement?

Here are our most common offerings:

  • Plan for the 21st Century Retirement. This informative webinar series focuses on the key decisions facing older workers as they transition into retirement, including finances, health, and lifestyle. It can be delivered in four or five one-hour segments.
  • Don’t Go Broke in Retirement. This webinar focuses on building lifetime, risk-protected retirement income with Social Security, IRAs, and 401(k) accounts. It can be completed in two or three one-hour segments.

We can also customize our webinars to reflect the provisions of your company’s retirement and benefits programs. This helps your employees more accurately answer the questions listed previously and better understand how to use your programs in their retirement.

To engage your employees who are viewing the webinars on their computers or other devices, we use video clips, music, graphs, charts, photos, graphic images, and a few cartoons, which better hold their interest. We can provide examples of our webinars upon request.

Typically, we deliver our webinars on your virtual technology platform, since your employees are already familiar with navigating that platform. We have experience with most of the common virtual platforms.

We are happy to discuss how we can design and customize our webinars to most successfully help your pre-retirees make effective retirement planning decisions. Feel free to contact us—we look forward to talking with you.